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My heart longs for distant lands, for once and future friends.

Fernweh [n., German]: The wistful, yearning ache of the heart for distant places.



Hi, my name is Sascha. In normal life, I work in IT and I love my job. But I also love adventure. So, I travel! This site is my own little travel diary, where I share the sights I saw and the fun I was having on my adventures. Sometimes, you will also find random musings and tips on anything relating to travel.

For the most part, travel (and therefore this page) is about fun and experiences. To have as much fun as possible, I try to travel with an open heart and a twinkle in my eye. Sure, this may mean that sometimes – well, nearly always, to be honest – the posts are wordy and can get a bit sentimental. But it's all written straight from the heart.

So much for disclaimers. You have been warned, proceed at your own risk!

It's good to have you along for the ride!