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It is Good to Have You Here!

Foreign Impressions: sharing tales of travels & travails, stories of adventures & escapes, travel tips and opinions. Written as a travel diary, Foreign Impressions provides a personal, male, and sometimes sentimental view on all things foreign – always with an open heart, a twinkle in the eye and a spring in the step.An impression is an inherently personal thing. Therefore, Foreign Impressions is personal to the core. Facts might surface here and there, but the articles are tinged by how I view the world.Foreign Impressions is organized (although sometimes in a bit of a makeshift manner) in these categories:

  • Adventures: Longer trips, multiple articles, more exotic locations
  • Escapes: Day or Weekend trips, normally a post or two, anywhere you can get to if you just want to run from the daily grind
  • Tips: Anything useful (or not so useful) when travelling, how to do what, when and where
  • Opinion: A personal op-ed on anything remotely related to foreign impressions

Have fun with Foreign Impressions!


Hello and Welcome!

Hi, my name is Sascha. In normal life, I work in IT and I love my job. But I also love adventure. So, I travel! This site is my own little travel diary, where I share the sights I saw and the fun I was having on my adventures. Sometimes, you will also find random musings and tips on anything relating to travel.For the most part, travel (and therefore this page) is about fun and experiences. To have as much fun as possible, I try to travel with an open heart and a twinkle in my eye. Sure, this may mean that sometimes – well, nearly always, to be honest – the posts are wordy and can get a bit sentimental. But it’s all written straight from the heart.


Foreign Impressions is my personal travel diary. It’s a place to document, in a bit more focussed manner than other social media permit, my pursuit of discovery and exploration. And while the path I choose may hardly be the road less travelled but rather well-trodden, the entries in this blog are here to amuse you and, a little selfishly, myself.It’s good to have you along for the ride!Sascha