It sure has been quiet around here over the past weeks. But fret not, updates are coming! A new year has begun and new adventures await!

The Christmas Break was a time of reflection and planning. From that, new plans for the coming year emerged. Here’s what’s to come over the next months:

  • better photography: I spent a bit of time on improving both my photo skills and upgrading my equipment.
  • more trips: Once the new year has gotten underway properly, you can expect more short trips. A city trip to London, a quick jaunt down some of the best roads in the world in Portugal, and a bike sojourn through the Alps are all in the making. Also, more on Frankfurt and my original home, the Ruhrgebiet.
  • more on travel writers: With T.E. Lawrence I started a series on travel writers you should know and read. This will continue. Right now, I am preparing a piece on Gertrude Bell, the original solo female traveller.
  • more and better storytelling: In a continuous effort for self-improvement, I will try to get you more exciting stories and deeper insights into my travel experiences. So, I will work on better story arcs and carefully crafted articles.

Stay tuned and have a great start into 2017!





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