Fernweh is the aching of the heart longing for faraway places. It is also a rather German way of approaching the lust for travel and discovery, sharing a somewhat romantic origin with such terms as Weltschmerz or Zeitgeist.

Suggested song: Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf

St. Petersburg sunset

And woe, I am constantly stricken by this mysterious force that beckons me away. To find relief, I follow its call, away from desk and home and hearth. I may not always take the road less traveled, the path I choose sometimes has a rather well-trodden quality. It has also been described in texts and photographs by those more adept at traveling and crafting words.

Nonetheless, as social media in the guise of Facebook and Twitter is somewhat tiring, in order to document my travels, I decided to blog. Mainly, this blog is supposed to be a digital diary, written for and to be read by myself. You are, however, cordially invited to come along on my mundane adventures. If the writing should be trite and boring at times, I beg forgiveness. The only thing I can promise you – and myself – is that I will report with an open heart and a glimmer in the eye.


So, welcome onboard, it’s gonna be a magic carpet ride!


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