Teaser: The Nockalm Road

The hills come alive with the sound of music!


It has been awfully quiet around here, hasn’t it? And the last posts were a bit of a downer, weren’t they? That’s over now! “Roads” is coming, a new category on Foreign Impressions. 

In this category, join me in discovering some of the funnest roads in the world (well, in Central Europe, for the time being). The first outing will take us to the Nock Mountains in the aptly named Austrian state of CARinthia.

The Nockalm Road

The Nockalm Road is an alpine toll road in Carinthia, Austria. It features an amazing 52 hairpin bends over its 35km length, some magnificent vistas, munching cows and scurrying marmots. As an added bonus, there’s no caravans allowed — and very little traffic overall before 11 a.m. or so. Plus, it’s not too difficult to drive, so there’s little chance of you killing yourself by going off a cliff screaming and in a ball of fire.

And yes, it is totally worth the 18 Euros you have to pony up for the day pass (30 day passes are 29 Euros, the season pass is 51 — if you prefer 2 wheels to 4, bike admission is 11 Euros for the day pass, 22 Euros for 30 days).

The full video is coming soonishly. To tide you over, here’s a little teaser of what’s to come.

Find more info at www.nockalmstrasse.at.


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